On of the main aims of the PROVIP project was the further dissemination of the concept of virtual internships.  During the first project year the focus of the dissemination activities was mainly on raising awareness and interest. During the second project year this focus shifted to stimulating desire an action. A specific dissemination strategy was developed to target the company stakeholder group. This strategy revolved around the promotion of the online tool Pathway.

To promote Pathway and the concept of virtual internships dedicated dissemination material was developed: a demo movie, a flyer for companies and recorded testimonials of users. A pilot project was set up to test Pathway. The feedback from the pilot participants was used to improve the tool and to further fine-tune the conditions of success for a virtual internship. The Pathway software is also available as open source code.

The creation of the pilot university- business network was intertwined with the dissemination activities promoting the Pathway tool and the concept of virtual mobility. At the beginning of the project a a small research (+annex) was carried out to identify the different disciplines and sectors within the partnership suitable for the pilot network. The decision was made to focus on IT and marketing. All experiences and insights collected by the partnership about the setup of this pilot network are shared as guidelines and advice.

The Pathway tool and the pilot network were launched via special events in the different countries involved in the project (Belgium, Finland, Denmark, Italy and Poland) in fall 2013. Two BEST events (in Gdansk and in Timisoara) and one AIESEC event were organized to involve the student stakeholder group and additionally reach their company partners. The project concluded with the organization of two webinars presenting the project outcomes.