Welcome to the website of the PROVIP project!

International internships in higher education are becoming more and more important in the context of internationalization and globalization of our (educational and professional) world. Traditional physical work placements abroad are not feasible for all students due to financial, geographical or social reasons.

The international traineeships that do take place are often impeded by a lack of communication between the students, the higher education institutions and the businesses. The EU-VIP project brought insights into how virtual mobility or ICT-supported interaction can facilitate international work placements and benefit each of the three stakeholders before, during and after the traineeship.

The PROVIP project was a continuation of EU-VIP. The main objectives of PROVIP  were the further dissemination of the EU-VIP outcomes, especially to companies and the translation of the EU-VIP findings in an online tool to support virtual internships. The project ran from October 2012 to September 2014.

This website serves as a portal for all outcomes and reports of the PROVIP project.